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The Days When Kites Flew…


Why I don’t have any friends in my class

I’ll criticize myself.
My behaviour can in no way be called static these days. Fluctuation is becoming my “thing”. I want to apologise to everybody who is being affected because of my ever changing “mood” and choices.
Its been a whole year and I don’t think I have made a single friend in my class. Friends as in buddies, who I can gossip with, who I will save a seat for. And I like it that way. I want myself friendless.
I love silence. But then again, I love music. i love to shut my eyes and imagine myself elsewhere. But then again, I love my books. I love my hamster ball. But then again, I want to spread peace outside that sphere.
I understand that this kind of behaviour is considered anti-social. And that is why I am criticizing myself and confessing at the same time. I am an out-of-sight out-of-mind type of a person, and this makes it easier to remain an introvert.
it’s not like I don’t have any friends. I do, but all of them are ancient old pals. Like Zeba has been a friend of mine for 18 years now. But we hardly talk anymore. If I am in need of a friend or she is, we’ll call each other up without hesitating a moment.
So here it is, all out in the open. I love the people in my class but this is the reason I never join any groups or be particularly friendly with any specific person.